Movable Type is very slow on Dreamhost

My Movable Type installation is very slow on Dreamhost. I use Movable Type 4.0 to power this blog and it can take up to 30 seconds to publish an entry. Admin features are also very slow.

I’m too lazy to switch to another host and I don’t want to switch to Wordpress or Expression Engine — too much work. So a couple of Google searches gave me a quick solution.

Patrick Beeson had the answer I was looking for with his entry Faster Movable Type with FastCGI. I simply followed his instructions and within 5 minutes my Movable Type installation was running a lot faster!

FastCGI = Fast Movable Type

Switching to FastCGI on Dreamhost makes Movable Type fun much faster. You don’t need to be a hardcore web developer to speed things up either. It bugs me that I need to hack Movable Type make it work at a reasonable speed. I hope the developers at Six Apart are addressing the speed issue for future versions.

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