Amusing Keith Richards Interview

GQ magaznine has an amusing interview with Keith Richards — THE GQ&A: KEITH RICHARDS.

I love that interviewer Michael Hainey includes this tidbit at the beginning of his interview:

Excuse me, reader, but I’d be remiss if I did not interrupt here to tell you briefly about how Keith speaks. It’s not speaking, actually. Or at least not what you think of as speaking. It’s more of a slur-mumble. Words run together and then get coated in cigarette smoke and that thick accent. It makes you wish he provided his own subtitles. I mean, when I transcribed the tapes from this interview, I had to listen to each sentence maybe three times to decode it.

The interview is conducted at Keith’s office in Soho where a lot of bizarre stories and bits of information are revealed — Richards and Jagger used to steal each other’s “bitches”, Keith uses a knife to hold his pants up, cuts his own hair and wears women’s clothing. (Via

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