Hot Docs 2008

The 15th Canadian International Film Festival, Hot Docs, runs from April 17-27 this year. I’m hoping that I can attend a few more films than I did last year but my busy work schedule will probably limit the number of films I’ll be seeing.

Here is a list of 10 documentary films that I would like to see at Hot Docs this year:

Planet B-Boy — the globalization of hip-hop culture
Standard Operating Procedure — Errol Morris’ look at Abu Ghraib prison
At the Death House Door — the death penalty
Killer Poet — J.J. Jameson the churchgoer, poet and killer
The Black List — derogatory connotations of the term “black list”
Dance With A Serial Killer — France’s most notorious serial killer
Daddy Tran: A Life in 3-D — 3-D photography
Wesley Willis’s Joy Rides — artist/musician bio
The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams’ Appalachia — photography

I don’t know which screenings I’ll be attending but let me know if you’ve picked any of these films. Maybe I’ll see you in the audience.

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