Writing things down and getting things done

The best way to get things done is to write things down.

It’s dangerously easy to miss deadlines or delivery dates if you don’t use some kind of to do list or task manager. I’ve looked at a number of Getting Things Done (GTD) software applications and found them all to be frustrating. They take too long to learn, set up and use. The best software for getting things done is no software at all.

I’ve gone back to a whiteboard and a Moleskine notebook to manage my to do lists, projects and deadlines. It’s fast, cheap, portable and efficient. It may not work for everyone but for my needs it is perfect.

Nick Cernis recently wrote about Writing Things Down (WTD): 13 Reasons To Switch Back To Paper Today. I couldn’t agree with him more which is why I’m writing about this in the first place.

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