Behind the Glass (2008)

I wasn’t aware that Behind the Glass was screening with Daddy Tran: A Life in 3-D but I’m glad it did. Director Gabriel Rhodes created a fantastic little film about a dying breed — the film projectionist.

Behind the Glass
Rhodes took 7 years to complete this 22 minute documentary. He interviews an interesting bunch of film projectionists that simply love celluloid. James Bond from Chicago stands out in the film because his name really is James Bond and he’s the best in the industry. In the Q & A after the film, Rhodes mentioned that James Bond has worked with George Lucas in the past.

Gabriel Rhodes does an excellent job of introducing several projectionists from around the US with interesting and unique stories to tell. Their jobs are changing as more theatres introduce digital projection. This film captures the end of an era that will be of interest to any cinephile.

Behind the Glass was shot on 16mm film. ***

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