I can’t win

A couple of weeks ago I took a puck off the forehead that required three stitches. I purchased an Itech X100 half shield for my hockey helmet. Hopefully the flying pucks will bounce off my visor instead of my forehead in the future.

Unfortunately I wasn’t wearing a neck guard last night. I stepped onto the ice for my first shift last night and blocked a slapshot with my throat. I thought I was going to die.

You panic when you can’t breathe. I had this picture in my mind that my adam’s apple was inverted after the hit, that I wouldn’t be able to talk. I ended up playing the rest of the game, drinking a lot of water and sounding like Barry White. Today my throat is swollen and I sound like a kid hitting puberty.

All of the guys on the bench gave me the Don Cherry lecture about defensemen blocking shots — you shouldn’t keep your stick in front of you when a guy winds up for a shot. Your stick should be off to the side to avoid deflections of the puck. Live and learn.

I think that I’ll probably lose some teeth next week the way things have been going.

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