Grand Theft Morality

Grand Theft Morality was a recent story on CNN Headline news. I think that CNN’s Glenn Beck is over-reacting a little bit when he attributes violence in video games to killing people although he makes some interesting points.

Interesting comment by a 17-year-old who plays the game and thinks Beck is a little off:

Pardon me, but i played gta4 religiously on my ps3 when i got it, and i have played all of the previous titles. I have4 points to make. 1. I am not a more effective killer because of it. 2. I dont see women as hookers, now or ever before. 3. I am still sickened when i hear of a real killing on the news or in a nearby area. 4. I would never be able to pull the trigger on an innocent person in the street. Im 17 years old and i am currently passing my college course with top marks! SHUT IT!

I still wouldn’t let my 9-year-old near this game.

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