The Power Mac G5 is the best computer I’ve ever purchased

I have a Power Mac G5 (dual 1.8 GHz processors) that has worked perfectly for the last 4 years. It handles large Photoshop files easily and renders video out of Final Cut Pro without grinding my system to a halt.

I’ve owned a Macintosh IIsi, Quadra 800, Power Macintosh 9600, PowerBook G3, Power Mac G4 and iBook G4. The Power Mac G5 is the best computer I’ve ever purchased. Why? No repairs, no drive failures and it’s still going strong.

I’m used to buying a new computer every 3 years to keep up with software upgrades that often require faster processing speeds. I haven’t made the jump to an Intel Mac and probably won’t until I’m forced to — when I fall behind in Adobe upgrades which should be another year or two.

Macworld’s new rules for buying a Mac should be of interest to anyone that will be purchasing a new Mac in the future. Unless you’re doing scientific research or 3D rendering, you don’t need a top of the line, 8 core Mac Pro.

For many power users who once bought a Power Mac by default, the Mac Pro is overkill, and an iMac or a MacBook Pro is powerful enough.

My father has enough computing power to render the next Pixar film when he probably only needs the power of a Mac Mini.

I don’t need a Mac Pro even though I spend most of my time in Photoshop and render the occasional video file. I could probably get away with using a MacBook Pro and would love the portability.

For now I’m going to keep using my Power Mac G5 until it starts to slow me down.

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