Apple abandoning PowerPC platform

The big buzz among Apple fanboys today is that OS X 10.6 may be shipping for Macworld (Jan 2009). The bad news is that it won’t run on any PowerPC Macintosh computers. Looks like I will definitely have to upgrade to a new Mac next year.

My PowerMac G5 may be a great machine but by this time next year it may be sitting in my attic next to my Power Mac G4 and Macintosh 9600.

I’d have to agree with John Gruber:

I still think it seems too soon by at least a year to drop PowerPC support — especially for G5s, which are still extremely capable machines by today’s standards — but that’s the word on the street.

I’ll squeeze another year out of this PowerMac G5 if I can. I managed to get 20 years out of my Ford Mustang and it is still running strong. My new B303 cam (in the Mustang) may not like Ontario’s emission testing but that’s another story.

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