My mighty mighty push mower

If you own a house, you probably have grass and that grass needs cutting once a week. With all the rain we’ve had this month, that grass can grow pretty fast.

I’m not an environmentalist but I use a push mower to cut my grass. I was given a Gardena push mower from my father about 5 years ago. It used to do a great job but this year it seems to take a lot of effort and the grass doesn’t look evenly cut.

I was considering an electric lawnmower as a replacement when a bell rang, and rang, and rang. It was the knife sharpening guy driving down my street. I ran downstairs, opened the front door and yelled, “wait!”

I asked the knife sharpening guy if he sharpens lawnmower blades. He looked at me like I was an idiot. Twenty minutes and $35 later I had a lawnmower with blades like a Ginsu knife.

The knife sharpening guy said that the blades should remain sharp for about two years. Now I can gently push my mower and cut the grass with ease no matter how tall or thick it is.

I love that I don’t have to visit the gas station every couple of weeks and fill up a gas can for my lawnmower. This spring the CBC noted that High pump prices spur push mower sales. I’m saving money by using a push mower and it is environmentally friendly.

Incidentally, my father just replaced his old gas mower. No, he didn’t get a push mower. He picked up a top of the line Toro gas mower with an electric starter! It has 6.75 HP, pulls itself along (you only have to nudge it now and again to keep it straight) and belches its fair share of pollution into the air over Toronto.

I have to admit that the electric starter is a pretty cool feature.

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