Stingy Rogers iPhone voice and data plans

Rogers finally announced their iPhone 3G Voice & Data Packages and they suck. Their aren’t any unlimited data plans and the voice plans are lousy.

The cheapest plan they have is $60/month for 150 minutes of talk and 400 MB of data. If that isn’t enough of a slap in the face they claim:

iPhone packages include all the voice minutes and data you’ll need to fully benefit from the breakthrough device.

Rogers doesn’t have a clue. They are going to hurt 3rd part apps that require unlimited data and their expensive plans are also going to hamper how most people use the phone (WiFi usage whenever possible).

Rogers has one of the most expensive iPhone plans in the world. Want caller ID? That will be another $15/month! Their unlimited voice for evenings start at 9 PM. When did evenings start at 9 PM? What a greedy bunch of buggers.

The iPod Touch Alternative

I might consider an iPod Touch instead. I don’t use my existing cellphone very much and my plan is relatively cheap at $25/month ($35 after taxes and, network charges, etc). A Rogers phone would cost twice as much — up to $420/year for voice/data plus network charges and taxes. Factor in the price of the phone and a 3 year contract and an iPhone from Rogers would cost me $620 (CDN) in my first year.

Why not purchase a 16 GB iPod Touch for $419 (CDN) instead? I’d be ahead by at least $200 in my first year. Even if I purchased a 32 MB iPod Touch ($519 CDN) and continued using my crappy Telus cellphone, I’d be further ahead.

I think Rogers just lost a potential customer.

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