Web surfing hampers your sense of smell

It’s true. Surfing the web hampers your sense of smell. My wife was reading her favourite blogs just a few minutes ago a mere two feet from our dishwasher. Unbeknownst to her, the heating element in the dishwasher was slowly melting the lid of a Starbucks thermos (it fell from the rack).

She got up from her laptop, walked out of the kitchen and upstairs to my office to ask me if I could smell “that”. I just finished sniffing my Power Mac G5, worried that the CPU was beginning to melt. I ran downstairs to find the source of the burning plastic.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and the acrid fumes from the dishwasher were overpowering. I was amazed.

How could anyone sit two feet from a piece of burning plastic and not know where it was coming from? And she complains that the 9-year-old becomes a zombie when he plays the Wii. Sheesh!

Posted in Observations at 9:18 PM