Why I hate the Ministry of the Environment

This spring I had my 1988 Ford Mustang freshly painted and added a B303 camshaft to give the car a little more power and lumpy sounding idle. To put the car on the road I had to renew my license plate sticker.

In Ontario we have a Drive Clean program whereby you have to get an emissions test for your vehicle every two years. If your vehicle fails the test, you can’t get your license plate renewed.

The law used to be that if your car was 20 years or older it was exempt from emissions testing. I was looking forward to never having to test my 20 year old Mustang again. I hated paying this tax grab in the first place.

I went to the Ministry of Transportation office a month ago to renew my plates and they told me I needed an emissions test done. Huh? I told them that they were wrong, that the car was exempt. I was wrong.

In January of this year, some moron at the Ministry of the Environment decreed that cars built in 1988 and later would have to get an emissions test every two years, indefinitely. What? Who told them that they can change the rules?

That performance cam I had installed has cost me two failed emissions tests. The hydrocarbon reading on curb idle was a little high. So what is a guy to do when he just wants to lay down a thick patch of rubber? He goes under the table and pays the going rate for an emissions test.

After a month of waiting patiently, there will be a 1988 Ford Mustang GT Cobra laying down a lot of rubber in the east end of Toronto today. Happy trails!

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