Cell phone risks?

Today the head of a cancer research institute issued a warning to its staff to “limit cell phone use because of the possible risk of cancer.” There isn’t any scientific proof (yet) to back up this claim but a lot of people are taking notice.

In the 1960s, people didn’t believe that cigarette smoking could cause cancer. 30 years later we know that smoking kills and billionaires are spending millions of dollars to get the word out.

The World Health Organization estimates that tobacco will kill up to a billion people in the 21st century, 10 times as many as it killed in the 20th.

It’s weird to watch a television show like Mad Men and realize how natural it was to smoke in the workplace and the home. Everyone smoked, it wasn’t illegal and there wasn’t any scientific evidence to support a direct connection to cancer. Today people shake their heads and wonder how daft people could be.

I wonder if we’ll be shaking our heads in 2038, wondering how people could have been so naive when it came to cell phones and cancer?

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