WALL•E (2008)

There have been many 4 star reviews of Pixar’s latest film WALL•E (2008). Many reviewers are calling it is Pixar’s best film to date, their most original, their best visual effort and so on. I liked the film a lot but I wasn’t overwhelmed.

Visually, the film is stunning. To raise the bar, Pixar went out and hired the world’s best cinematographer (Roger Deakins) as a consultant. The result is that many scenes look like they were filmed like a real movie. This video podcast has some great information on the visual style of the film.


WALL•E may be Pixar’s best film to date but my favourites are still The Incredibles (2004) and Ratatouille (2007). WALL•E is the type of film that I could watch repeatedly and grow to appreciate.

The first 30 minutes of the film is like a silent movie — there isn’t any dialogue but the animation, sound effects and storytelling is so well done that it isn’t missed. I was worried that the group of kids I saw the film with would find this boring. They weren’t bored. They were mesmerized and they loved the film.

Apple fanboys will get a kick out of WALL·E’s startup sound which is the same as an older Macintosh. The white glossy robot EVE resembles a slick white iPod. Apple design chief, Jonathan Ive was involved in designing EVE for the film. Lastly, WALL·E enjoys watching the film Hello, Dolly! (1969) through an older video iPod with an enormous lens in front of the screen.

Director Andrew Stanton claims that he wasn’t trying to preach about the environment in WALL•E but it comes through anyway. The film is set in the future where we’ve made such a disgusting mess of the planet that we have to leave. The only thing alive on earth is a cockroach.

WALL•E spends all of his time cleaning up the garbage that litters the landscape. The humans are living on an enormous spacecraft where they lounge around and get fat drinking slushies, content to let the computers and robots take over their lives.

Next to Iron Man (which I’ve yet to review), WALL•E is one of the summer’s best movies. I’ll probably see it again before the end of the week and like the film a little bit more. ***½

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