Killarney and Beyond

I was planning to take a photography trip down to the Bay of Fundy and Prince Edward Island but changed my mind. One week isn’t nearly long enough to explore this part of the country.

I was in a Chapters bookstore when I came across three books that completely changed my mind:

  1. Georgian Bay: A Photographer’s Wonderland
  2. Paddling And Hiking The Georgian Bay Coast
  3. Wilderness Ontario

I didn’t buy them from the store. I went home and ordered them online at for 34% off and had them delivered to my door. didn’t have any of these books in stock and seems to be hopeless at having anything in stock these days.

I’ve been poring over these books of the Georgian Bay coast and northern Ontario. My goal is to shoot some coastal landscapes for a week. Why go all the way to the east coast when I can visit the old stomping grounds of the Group of Seven?

I plan to visit Recollet Falls on the French River, Killarney Provincial Park and Lake Superior Provincial Park. I’ll camp along the way and scout locations during the day for morning and evening shoots.

It won’t be much of a holiday. Getting up at 5 AM and going to bed well after sunset doesn’t leave a lot of room for sleep but it beats working on websites. I’m looking forward to dusting off the Canon 5D and creating some landscape photos for a change.

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