Photography in Northern Ontario

Killarney lighthouse
My photography road trip was better was better than expected with Lake Superior Provincial Park being the big surprise. If landscape photography is your thing then this park is a must stop on your travels.

I camped at the southern end of the park in Agawa Bay. The Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 17) takes you to the north end of the park in less than an hour but in between are an endless choice of trails, lakes, waterfalls, valleys and rugged coastline to photograph.

Every trail and location I visited was more impressive than the last. Each of these locations was never more than 10-20 minutes apart which is astonishing when you consider that you can drive for hours across Ontario without the landscape changing very much. The close proximity of trails, coves, and scenic lookouts is perfect for the photographer that wants to shoot multiple locations in a morning or evening.

If it was raining at the north end of the park I was able to travel south for 30 minutes where I had perfect conditions for an 8 km hike. Some of the coves had strong mist and fog in the mornings but if you travelled north 10 minutes you had warm morning light. Incredible.

Killarney Provincial Park was equally as impressive but much of the park is only accessible by canoe. I hiked the Chikanishing Trail and the Tar Vat Trail out of Killarney and plan to return to explore some of the trails in the park.

Recollet Falls on the French River was a short 3 km hike and a great way to start my trip. At the end of my trip on my way back to Toronto I stopped in at Killbear Provincial Park (just north of Parry Sound). This park was a huge disappointment because of the number of visitors, the litter, the graffiti on the rocks, the barking dogs and the underage kids drinking on the rocks. It was if somebody took the Beaches neighbourhood in Toronto and dropped it in Georgian Bay — not what I expected.

I have about 700 photos to go through and will start posting them on Bombippy Photos when I get a chance but for now I have have a backlog of JAK Media work to get through

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