Sorry Sarah Palin

I didn’t think it was possible but Sarah Palin appears to be ‘dumber’ than George W. Bush. I watched Tinay Fey impersonate Sarah Palin on SNL this weekend and couldn’t stop laughing.

Today I watched the actual interview between Katie Couric and Sarah Palin from last week and my jaw dropped. I don’t know how Couric kept it together during the interview. Palin is an embarrassment to the Republican party. How can she possibly be the best candidate for the VP position?

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Katie Couric was speaking with Bob Schieffer who voiced one of the questions I’ve been asking since Palin became McCain’s running mate. What happens if the old man becomes president and his health fails? About 20% of vice presidents have gone on to become presidents because the president has died, been assassinated or resigned.

As a Canadian watching the US elections I don’t understand how any Republican could support Palin. Imagine a world where a hockey mom has the most important job in the world. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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