Tropic Thunder (2008)

If you want to see the funniest movie of the summer then watch Tropic Thunder (2008). Ben Stiller wrote, directed and stars in this war comedy that borrows from Platoon, Apocalypse Now Saving Private Ryan and Rambo.

I knew that the movie starred Ben Stiller, Robert Downy Jr. and Jack Black but I had no idea that Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey, Steve Coogan and Bill Hader also had prominent roles. I hate to say it but Tom Cruise was hilarious in his role.

I couldn’t get enough of Robert Downey Jr. playing an Australian actor (Kurt Russell is implied) who undergoes a pigmentation surgery to make himself look African American. Most of his dialogue comes from sitcoms like Benson and the Jeffersons. His performance was priceless.

Ben Stiller pushed the envelope and caused a lot of controversy with the character Simple Jack — a really bad version of Billy Bob Thornton’s character in Sling Blade. Some of you will cringe when you watch these scenes but others will laugh until it hurts.


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