is Slipping has been slipping in terms of service and product selection for over the last year. If you live in Canada then you have to deal with which is not the same company as

The product selection is inferior, the prices are higher and the inventory is a downright joke at times. Quite often will have mulitple copies of a book in stock and will have nothing.

I ordered 2 books and a DVD in December 2007. One of the books and the DVD were in stock and shipped immediately. The other book wasn’t in stock and the estimated ship time was 8 weeks. I cancelled that part of the order or so I thought.

This morning I received a copy of Working The Light: A Landscape Photography Master Class. Now how is that for service?

It took 10 months to get a book in stock and send me an order that I already cancelled! I ordered the book from at least 8 months ago. Something is seriously wrong with

As a result I now do most of my online book/DVD shopping at Their site was weak when they started but now they are on par with if not better. Their inventory surpasses which is the main reason I use them now.

This summer I was looking for 4 books. had 1 of them in stock. had all of the books in stock and that is where I purchased them.

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