Presto Chango! Windows 7 or Mac OS X?

Windows 7 development could be code-named The Clone Wars because of its striking similarity to OS X and the iPhone OS.

A video on BBC’s website takes a closer look at Windows 7 and its adoption of the iPhone’s multi-touch user interface. In the video, technology analyst Rob Enderle tries to demonstrate ‘pinching’ to resize a window. He mutters “presto chango” and pinches an image 6 times before it resizes properly! It looks like Microsoft has a little bit of work to do before this thing gets released.

Presto Chango!

Yesterday ars technica took a look at Windows 7’s user interface. The rounded windows with drop shadows and now the new task bar are all very Mac-like. The taskbar is actually identical to an older version of the Mac OS X dock.

Windows 7 Taskbar

Most of the technology headlines yesterday focused on the fact that Windows 7 Will Be Less Annoying Than Vista. I think a lot of Windows user will just be happy if it works properly. I have a few clients that can’t stand Vista and have switched back to Windows XP, primarily for stability and compatibility with older apps.

Stay tuned. The other Steve wants Windows 7 shipping by next year even though Microsoft said it likely won’t get released until 2010.

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