Slow Down

On Saturday night I was driving home in my Mustang when I lost it. The guy driving the vehicle in front of me appeared to be drunk. He was driving about 5 km/h and weaving back and forth.

As I got closer I realized he wasn’t drunk, he was just talking on his cellphone. I roared around him in first gear and kept going. In no time I was doing about 110 km/h in a 60 km/h zone. I didn’t bother to slow down until I was near my house a minute later. That’s when I noticed a police car following me at a high speed. Uh oh.

The policeman got out of his car and asked me why I was in such a hurry. I told him that I was heading home to watch the start of the Leaf game and I wanted to hear the new Hockey Night in Canada theme song. He asked for my license and registration.

He didn’t get a radar gun on me but estimated that I was doing about 110 km/h. It took him 2 km to catch up with me. I thought to myself, I’m in big trouble here.

The policeman said he was sitting in a parking lot when he heard me squealing around the corner. He said that my exhaust system gave me away. The new Flowmasters on my car sound great but they are anything but subtle.

With the new street racing laws we have in Ontario the policeman said he could take my car away. Immediately. Howerver, he was in a good mood and said he would only give me a ticket for failing to produce a valid insurance certificate — the one I gave to him expired a few days before (the new insurance was sitting in a pile of unopened mail on my desk). Duoh!

The policeman wrote me a ticket then started telling me about his sister’s Mustang and how much fun it was to drive. Before he left he told me to take it easy and slow down. I apologized and was on my way. For the last few days I’ve been driving slightly under the speed limit.

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