Hell Ride

Hell Rid

Hell Ride (2008). Directed by Larry Bishop.

This film has a great cast, great visuals, cool music, and absolutely no plot. Larry Bishop is a hack that tries to pay homage to Quentin Tarantino’s films but ends up copying most of them. The story is such a confusing mess that it is a wonder this film received a green light.

This wonderful piece of prose from the IMDB message boards sums this film up beautifully:

this movie was retardedly bad.
the plot made no sense, the story was extremely hard to follow.
the acting was the worst thing ive seen in my entire life and alot of things that went on had nothing to do with anything.
aka the gent sitting in a tree saying hoot hoot im an owl.
honestly what the hell is that

Don’t waste your time trying to watch this trash.

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