Cheap HDMI cables and picture quality

You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive HDMI cable to get great picture quality with your HDTV or Blu-Ray player. I’ve mentioned before that expensive HDMI cables are a waste of money.

Cheap HDMI cables are just as good as the expensive HDMI cables and don’t have a noticeable effect on picture quality.

My brother was looking for some inexpensive HDMI cable and found that the discussion on was suggesting some 12-foot cable from Zellers of all places. You’ll have to go to an actual Zellers store because their website is like a ghost town with very little inventory.

For $12.97 you can get a 12-foot HDMI cable - a “cheap brand out of Quebec that is made in China and called Chateau.”

After testing the HDMI cable with a Rogers HD PVR he was impressed with the results:

Did a comparison with the ThunderCable brand that I paid $45 for last month (and that is only 6’) and couldn’t tell the difference.

I’ve gone through a lot of home theatre forums and talked to quite a few people about expensive vs. cheap HDMI cable and nobody has ever complained about picture quality.

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