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A Moment For Myself

I am a bad friend. I have neglected to read, comment on, or mention Lisa’s blog in Vancouver. I’ve subscribed to her RSS feed, added her site to my blogroll, and commented on her site. Something tells me it’s too little too late.

Better in Time

My step-daughter Vanessa has run away to England because:

  • she doesn’t want to go to college
  • doesn’t know what to take in college
  • she can be an au pair and travel around Europe in her spare time
  • she is only twenty and has her whole life in front of her
  • because she can.

I am so jealous and you can read all about her adventures on her blog.

Stuff and Junk

I’d better set aside a moment for myself and read some stuff and junk or my wife will complain that I don’t read her blog.

Last week she was sitting 3 feet from me and sent me an email. What happened to dating? What happened to going for long walks on the beach and talking about her feelings for hours on end? This Internet thing is getting way out of control. The Google is taking over. Beware.

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