Broken DVDs From

broken dvd
In the past two months I’ve had a few broken DVDs arrive in the mail from I always panic when I realize the disc is cracked or in some instances, shattered. I’ve heard of stories where damaged DVDs are noted on your account if you report the disc as damaged.

I usually pop the DVD back into its envelope and quietly drop it in a nearby mailbox. I’ve never had a warning or complaint from but then again I didn’t break the disc. It arrived in my mailbox that way.

It’s a real drag when the broken disc turns out to be a film I really want to watch. Worse still, is when I receive the DVD in the mail and leave it on my desk for a week until I have time to watch it. I’ll make some popcorn, grab a drink, pull the disc out of the envelope and groan, “not again!”

I’ve been a member for 4 years, rented 277 movies and received only 3 broken DVDs. Not bad. A lot of customers have complained bitterly about the service but it has improved with time.

Some Netflix users have also been unlucky with broken DVDs arriving in the mail. Mike Adams at Natural News has a theory about broken DVDs from Netflix:

I personally suspect the mail people go postal on the DVDs and use them as drink coasters and frisbees for a day and a half, then they deliver the ones they don’t want to keep for themselves.

Overall I think is a good service and their catalog is second to none in Canada. Are there any or Netflix members that have received an increase in broken DVDs of late?

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