Confessions of a Superhero

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Confessions of a Superhero (2007). Directed by Matthew Ogens.

You’ll find them on a stretch of Hollywood Boulevard by the Chinese Theatre - Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and The Hulk. They are in full costume and and if you want your picture taken with them, they remind you that they “work for tips.”

Confessions of a Superhero is a quirky documentary about an odd group of people that eke out a living as super heroes. Are they panhandlers or heroes? Each of them has an interesting story to tell that you won’t want to miss.

Christopher Lloyd Dennis (Superman) is a super hero purist. He believes that there are rules and responsibilities. For example, never smoke in public while wearing your costume. He’s also a fanatic collector of all things Superman. Oh, and he had a drug problem but that’s behind him now.

Maxwell “Batman” Allen looks a bit like George Clooney and he has a really bad temper but he’s working on that with his psychiatrist. He prefers to see his shrink in full costume and confesses to doing some really bad things in his past.

Jennifer Gehrt (Wonder Woman) was prom queen and homecoming queen but her acting career is slow to take off and her marriage is crumbling. Then there is Joe McQueen (The Hulk) from North Carolina. When he arrived in Hollywood he was homeless for 4 years.

This film is anything but low budget. It is beautifully filmed and director Matthew Ogens does a wonderful job of revealing the true identity of these heroes with honesty and sincerity. And if that isn’t enough there is the requisite Stan Lee cameo!

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