Life On Mars

For weeks I’ve been watching season 5 of ABC’s Lost. During the commercial breaks I would watch the promos for Life on Mars and say, “that looks like an interesting show with a great cast.” How can you go wrong with Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, Gretchen Mol and guest stars from The Sopranos or The Wire showing up every week?

No. I told myself that I can’t start watching yet another TV show when I have a stack of movies to go through. Then it happened. I found myself drawn in by the 70s soundtrack and the weird premise of the show. I was hooked.

As I’ve done with Californication, Mad Men and The Wire, I started downloading previous episodes of Life on Mars to catch up. Some of the episodes are weak but for the most part this is a strong show with solid acting and one large hook — how did Sam Tyler (Jason O’Mara) end up in 1973 from 2008?

I was telling a friend about the show yesterday and he told me that ABC just cancelled the show a couple of days ago. Ugh!

Apparently ABC is going to complete 17 episodes and wrap things up with a series finale. The British version of Life On Mars ran for two season, 16 episodes in total. I just hope that ABC allows the writers to tie up all of the loose ends and explain how Sam ended up in 1973.

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