I Don’t Use Business Cards

I was looking at an article on Freelance Folder called Open Thread: Do You Have Business Cards? when I realized that I haven’t used business cards in a few years!

Most of my work is online in the form of websites, video or photography. My business card is my JAK Media website which is horribly out of date and in need of a major redesign. Business cards are nice to have but I think designers make the cards more for themselves, rather than for potential clients. They help to brand your business but they aren’t really necessary if you design websites.

All of my work comes from referrals and has for several years now. I have never received one piece of business because I had a clever business card. Business cards can help to make a first impression. They provide credibility and can make you look professional but that alone won’t get you a job.

Despite everything I’ve said, I still work on my own business card designs every few months. I’d love to get new cards printed up and hand them out. I’m always redesigning my logo, sketching new designs for jakmedia.ca and thinking of new business cards designs. If only I had more time.

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