Will Blockbuster Survive?


Uh oh. Blockbuster may be on its last legs. The company has been struggling and recently took out a $250 million dollar loan to help pay off some of its debt. This morning, PC World published a story with the headline, Blockbuster May Shut Retail Stores.

There are 7,400 Blockbuster video stores around the world that could close if the video rental giant can’t complete the financing deals it needs to survive. Now that would really suck. I love the convenience of being able to go down the street browse through the latest releases and rent the latest Blu-ray.

Zip.ca is a good alternative to Blockbuster retail stores in Canada. The problem with Zip.ca is that you can’t always get your hands on the latest DVD. There’s nothing like walking into a store and grabbing a title off the shelf.

If Blockbuster does close its stores I think we’ll see video-on-demand take off. Unfortunately I think piracy will also take off but that’s another issue.

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