The Cove and the Snot Monster

I just had one of the strangest movie viewing experiences ever.

I was at the Canadian premiere for The Cove which was fantastic. It’s a must see for anyone that loves documentary film and will get a theatrical release in August.

Before the lights went down it was quite noisy. The Bloor Theatre was sold out and the anticipation for this film was quite high. Despite the noise, I noticed that the guy behind me and two seats over kept burping loudly. I figured that this dimwit was trying to impress his friend as thirteen-year-old boys often do, even though this guy was twenty-something.

The film started along with the strange guttural soundtrack from the row behind. James from Toronto Screen Shots was sitting beside me. We both turned our heads the first time we heard a loud belch, followed by some weird clicking sounds and snorting. We both started to laugh in disbelief and went back to watching the movie.

A few minutes later this guy started up again. The snorting, wheezing, burping, clicking and farting sounds erupting out of this guy’s mouth were getting louder and nastier. I started giggling and James kept turning his head every time this guy belted out a few more bars.

Ten minutes into the film I wasn’t laughing and this guy became increasingly annoying. Imagine trying to watch one of the best films of the year with a mutant behind you that snorts mucous, sucks it through his teeth and swallows it loudly.

This horrible, distracting noise went on for 90 minutes and I’ll never forget it.

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