Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary

The National Filmboard of Canada created what looks to be an excellent documentary film called Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary It features Albert Maysles, Errol Morris, Werner Herzog and 35 other filmmakers discussing their craft. How did I miss the free screenings at the NFB last month in Toronto?

The film website also has over 4 hours of additional footage not in the feature film. This site is a documentary film lovers dream!

I love this quote from Kevin MacDonald on documentary film:

Real life is so much more interesting and so much more bizarre than anything you can make up.

I think this is why I love documentary film so much. Many of the films are unpredictable because they are are real and don’t follow a formula to make the greatest possible ratoe of return. Documentary films are often a labour of love that don’t generally don’t have line producers and studio executives telling a director how to make their film.

You can buy a 2-disc DVD from the NFB website or you can visit the NFB in Toronto and pick up a copy of the DVD at their gift store.

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