Top 10 iPhone Annoyances

Somebody with the username blackberryrules sent me an email about a story in - Top 10 iPhone Annoyances (And How to Fix Them).

It’s a good article and points out some valid problems with the iPhone. My biggest complaint is the battery life. If you use the GPS option or play a lot of games then the battery gets drained pretty quickly.

The only item on the list that I partly disagree with is number 6 - You Can’t Store Files or Attach Them to E-Mail. This is only partly true. Out of the box, the iPhone can’t transfer files easily, to and from your computer but “there’s an app for that”. There are actually a whole bunch of apps to do this. I use one called Files and it works perfectly.

The iPhone is flawed and doesn’t do a lot of things as well as a BlackBerry device. To me, BlackBerry is like Microsoft when it comes to smartphones. The Wall Street and techie crowd love their BlackBerry devices because it is perfectly suited for their needs. iPhone users are often designers, creative types, or people that want a cool phone with the world’s best apps.

I’m not one of these Apple fanboy’s that thinks his phone or computer is the best on the planet. The iPhone is the best phone for what I need in a mobile device and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

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