How To Get Tickets For TIFF

It’s that time of year again when the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) goes into full gear. It doesn’t actually start until September 10, 2009 but if you don’t act now then you might not be able to see any films.

At this point the 10 Ticket Package ($159.14) is already sold out! This is the package I always get but I’m a procrastinator so now it looks like I’ll be getting a Festival Package Lite ($386.25) which consists of 30 tickets.

I can’t see 30 films in 10 days so if there are some films that you want to try and see then leave me a list in the comments. The full list of films is now online. Do some research and send me your picks. I’m going to try and see 15-20 films depending on how many I can sell.

Tickets that I sell will cost $12.87 (plus taxes) and you’re limited to 1 ticket per film. I’ll need to know what films you’re interested in by Sunday August 30 as the ticket selections need to be dropped off by Monday August 31.

Ticket selections aren’t guaranteed and depend on a lottery which takes place on September 1. It’s important that you make some secondary choices in case you primary selections aren’t drawn.

The popular Hollywood films usually sell out first but there are a lot of great films at the festival that go under the radar. Half the fun is picking the sleeper hits or seeing films from other countries that you may never get a chance to see again. Many films don’t get a theatrical or video release in North America.

I can’t make any promises but let me know if you’re interested in individual tickets and I’ll do my best to get them for you.

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