My Electricity Usage

I finally registered for my Toronto Hydro Time-Of-Use Account which lets me see how much electricity my household consumes. Most of the homes in Toronto have a smart meter which just means that the meter is digital and can provide an accurate report of your electricity consumption on an hourly basis.

electricity usage graph

The green bars represent the lowest price of consumption (10 PM - 7 AM) while the red indicates a higher price for electricity during peak periods of the day (5PM - 11PM).

Over the summer our household consumed under 400 kWh/month of electricity which averages out to $22 per month. I’m assuming that this rate of consumption is good because I’m always turning off the lights, unplugging the coffee maker, turning off powerbars and using the air conditioning as little as possible.

What do you spend per month on your electricity consumption?

I know that I could probably lower the household electricity consumption if we consistently run the dishwasher after 9 PM and before we go to bed. I work at home which means my computer is running most of the day. Maybe getting a laptop instead of a tower could reduce electricity consumption as well. I don’t know.

Now that our house has a smart meter it would be interesting to see how much phantom power is part of our monthly electricity consumption. All of a sudden I want to get a Kill-A-Watt again!

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