Closed Border, Closed Economy, Closing Opportunities

David Eaves at Queen’s University has an interesting blog post on his experience of trying to enter the US - Closed Border, Closed Economy, Closing Opportunities.

Work or pleasure? It’s never a good idea to say that you are going to the US for work. Your passport could be red-flagged, you could be delayed at the border or in Eaves’ case, your work visa can be taken away.

A couple of years ago I went to Vermont for the weekend to take photos of the fall foliage. The border guard wanted to know if I was working on an assignment. I told her that I was an amateur photographer, a hobbyist. She was skeptical and asked me if I was going to be selling my photos. I knew better and told her that I wasn’t going to be selling my photos.

After a few more questions I was free to enter New York state. I think that this year I will stay in Ontario and go to Algonquin Park instead.

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