Maximum 40 Garage Band Concert

On Sunday October 18, 2009, Maximum 40 had their first concert. It took place in my garage and it consisted of two covers, 1 drum solo, and a guitar solo/duet/duel.

The band, which got their name from a speed limit sign, played Green Day’s Know Your Enemy and AC/DC’s Thunderstruck to a standing room only crowd (of about 20 people). The band members, Daniel (age 10), Chris (age 11) and David (age 12) have been practicing for 4 weeks, which means they rehearsed about 4 times.

My son plays drums for the band. He’s had 6 drum lessons and wanted a shot at the big time. This band is fearless! To perform in front of anyone after being together for so little time takes a lot of guts. Once you hear them, you’ll know that their audience is just as fearless.

Sadly, the band has decided to put a tour on hold. Instead, they will continue to jam and work on tuning their instruments. If the Green Day cover wasn’t enough for you then you can enjoy their second song, Thunderstruck.

If you still can’t get enough of this band then check out Daniel’s drum solo.

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