My Bell Internet Usage Exceeds 50 GB For The First Time

I had unlimited Internet Usage (bandwidth) with Bell Canada and I foolishly believed that I could get faster download speeds if I “upgraded” to their Bell Internet Max 12 package. I was wrong.

In theory I have up to 12 Mbps downloads but I can’t tell if my downloads are really any different. I have noticed that bit torrent traffic is getting throttled back from 4:30 PM - 2 AM. My unlimited downloads now have a cap of 50 GB/month. I don’t really download/upload that much data, or so I thought.

In my last billing cycle my Internet usage was 59.08 GB. That extra 9.08 GB at $1.50 GB cost me $13.62. It’s still cheaper than purchasing a PVR for $400 but I should have kept my own plan.

I just set up an email alert so to tell me when I’ve used more than 75% of my allotted monthly bandwidth. I never thought I would go over 50 GB of data. Lesson learned.

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