Windows 7 Is Great

I’ve been reading a lot of the press around Windows 7 and every article seems to say the same thing - Windows 7 is great because it works better and faster than Vista.

Yesterday Steve Ballmer was in Toronto and said that “Vista was not a mistake. Vista was controversial”. Steve, Vista was an abysmal failure! Softchoice did a sampling of 450,000 corporate PCs and found that only 3 per cent of them were running Vista. That doesn’t sound like success.

I’m sure that Windows 7 is a huge improvement over Vista and a good wake up call for Microsoft. Windows 7 has undergone massive beta-testing involving 8 million testers, something Microsoft should have done with Vista. You can’t expect people to purchase beta software that is slow and plagued with problems.

I’m still running XP on my Dell and have no intention of changing that. My machine may meet the minimum system requirements for Windows 7 but I know and you know that it will run like an old man in a pit of quicksand.

Posted in Technology at 12:21 PM