Bell TV To Add AMC After Mad Men Season Finale

The programming geniuses at Bell TV announced that they are finally going to pick up AMC which produces what is arguably the best show on television, Mad Men. Finally! But wait! Season 3 of Mad Men is over next week!

Rogers customers have been watching Mad Men all season in HD while Bell TV customers have been downloading it from bit torrent sites on Monday mornings. The Mad Men season finale is November 8 and Bell won’t be broadcasting AMC until November 15. Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Bell TV. The most HD crap in Canada.

If you’re one of those unfortunate Bell TV customers (I am) then you can take consolation in knowing that Bell still has the most HD TV channels in Canada (most of them show the same programming). Oh, and you can always watch Mad Men season 4 in 2010 or watch The Prisoner until then.

If you’re unhappy about the timing of the AMC announcement, turn the other cheek. Bell TV will be raising their prices to presumably help pay for the “free channels” you get in their HD packages:

Effective January 1, 2010, monthly rates for HD Extra will increase by $4.

I’m ready to pull the plug on all of the premium HD content I order from Bell TV. I bet it would be cheaper if I bought everything on iTunes - Mad Men, Californication, Dexter and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

One more thing, CBC recently relaunched CBC Newsworld as CBC NN in HD. Bell TV doesn’t carry CBC NN in HD but Rogers does. How does the CRTC let Bell TV get away with picking up AMC and not CBC NN in HD? Lame.

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