SuperDuper Slow Backups

I’m using SuperDuper (v2.6.2) on my PowerPC G5 (OS X 10.5.8) and the backups are super duper slow! I read that the latest version is supposed to be 2x faster but maybe that is only for Intel Macs.

I have 2 500 GB internal drives and I’m backing up to a 1 TB LaCie USB hard drive (two 500 GB partitions). Yes, the drive is USB 2 and I’m using the USB high-speed bus on my Mac.

How long does it take to backup 500 GB with this setup? 9 hours for the first partition (424 GB) and 7 hours for the second partition (339 GB). 16 hours to backup a terabyte of data. Apparently this is normal with this type of setup.

I’d love to know how long it takes to backup 500 GB using a USB 2 drive on an Intel machine using SuperDuper. No wonder a lot of people never backup their Time Machine drives. It takes so long.

Posted in OS X Software at 7:43 PM