Only morons drink bottled water

I generally don’t drink bottled water. I know that a lot of it is just expensive tap water. Why would you pay Nestlé or Coke more than a dollar to package municipal water? Drink Coke, buy a beer or use the water fountain. It’s free! The price of bottled water is up to 10,000 times the cost of tap water.

The Facts About Bottled Water

I’ve been a hypocrite and a moron in the past and I’ve purchased bottled water. When I go camping I purchase large containers of water from the grocery store and maybe a case of bottled water. Dumb.

Put your bottle of water down and take a look at The Facts About Bottled Water. Some of the stats are mind boggling:

  • Americans spend $61 billion/year on bottled water
  • 40% of all bottled water comes from the tap
  • it takes 3 bottles of water to produce 1 plastic bottle
  • only 1 in 5 water bottles are recycled

I’ll get off my high horse and stop preaching now, but still, $61 billion dollars a year! Imagine if the world put that money into developing clean drinking water instead of bottling it up.

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