Speed up your web browsing with Google DNS

Does it seem to take forever to web pages to load in your browser? It could be time to change your domain name server (DNS) settings. Most people just use the DNS of their ISP but you can change it to Open DNS or better, Google DNS.

The Google Public DNS IP addresses are as follows:


Read Using Google Public DNS if you’re not sure how to change your DNS settings and don’t forget to write down your old settings if things go horribly wrong.

I just update my AirPort router and pages are loading faster than ever before. Thank you Google.

Update: I didn’t mention any of the privacy concerns that come with using Google DNS. You can read Google’s privacy policy if you’re worried that they are going to know everything about you (your surfing habits).

Daring Fireball has this to say about Google DNS:

I totally understand why people are wary of trusting too much to Google. But their DNS privacy policy strikes me as utterly reasonable. It is not in any way tied to your Google web accounts.

I was using Bell Sympatico’s DNS (my ISP). Every website I typed into my browser was taking a whopping 2-10 seconds to find and then load. For the last two weeks I felt like I was using dial-up instead of a 12 Mbps DSL service.

I also tried OpenDNS but it too seemed slow after a while. So far Google DNS has been very quick and I feel like my computer has been turbo-charged.

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