88 Minutes

88 Minutes (2007) is like The Wicker Man in that it is so bad you just have to check it out.

Metacritic gave 88 Minutes an average score of just 17 (out of 100), while it gave The Wicker Man a generous score of 36. Factor in my curiosity for Oscar winners who star in really bad movies and I was watching all 108 minutes of 88 Minutes.

Preposterous seems to be the most popular adjective to describe this serial killer movie. Everything from the plot to Pacino’s poofy hair is over the top and silly. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud at some of the absurd plot twists. Variety says that the film easily claims the “prize as Al Pacino’s career worst” while Joe Neumaier says it best:

This slimy, slug-minded mystery thriller starts out dead on arrival and then, like three-day-old fish, gets really bad really fast.

It’s interesting to note that Leelee Sobieski had a role in The Wicker Man and 88 Minutes. Coincidence?

Although the film takes place in Seattle, most of it was shot in Vancouver and the filmmakers do very little to disguise this. You’ll notice a Shoppers Drug Mart and Roots (Canadian stores) in a couple of scenes. The street sign for popular Davie Street is in plain view a couple of times. Sloppy.

Despite the bad reviews I’d have to say that this movie was much better than The Wicker Man. At least it comes together in the end and Pacino is somewhat believable as a forensic psychiatrist.

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