Roger Ebert Tries To Solve They Mysteries of Caché

Roger Ebert recently published “Caché:” A riddle, wrapped in a
mystery, inside an enigma
- his theories on the mysteries of Michael Haneke’s film, Caché (2005).

Ebert’s analysis of the film provides a theory of what might have happened, but he admits that he is probably wrong. The discussion that follows in the comments of his blog entry is also really interesting.

I have to wonder if director Michael Haneke really made the Caché as complex as we tend to think it is. Did he every think that we’d be discussing his film 5 years after it was made?

Scorsese To Remake Caché

Why do American directors love to remake great foreign films for American audiences? Martin Scorsese has optioned Caché for an American version that may be released in 2012.

Michael Haneke’s Funny Games (1997) was remade by Haneke himself in 2007 for American audiences with American actors. The film isn’t nearly as good as his original.

I have to admit that I preferred Scorsese’s version of The Departed to the original but when something is as good as Caché, you just don’t mess with it.

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