Technologizer’s Take On The Apple Tablet

Harry McCracken has published a group prediction titled, “The Apple Tablet: What Will Be, According to You”. It will be interesting to see how accurate the predictions are.

Newspapers For Sale On iTunes?

A couple of things in McCracken’s article caught my eye in terms of newspapers: “Exactly 48.5% of you think Apple will let other publishers sell books, magazines, and newspapers through the tablet” and “payment systems for some magazines and newspapers through iTunes will already be worked out when it goes live.”

Last week the New York Times announced that we would be paying for its newspaper in the future. In May 2009, Rupert Murdoch said that News Corp owned newspapers would begin charging for online access within one year.

iPods and iTunes rescued the music industry. Maybe iTunes and an Apple tablet can do the same for the publishing industry? I don’t think it is a coincidence that news organizations are warning us that we’ll be paying for our news in the future.

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