Adobe Reader Updater Certificate Failed

Adobe Reader Updater Certificate Failed error message

Adobe used to be a great software company but in the last couple of years they’ve developed a reputation of building buggy software that frequently crashes (Flash) or exposes your computer to security vulnerabilities (Adobe Reader). Adobe is the new Microsoft.

I was trying to update Adobe Reader for Mac OS X 10.5.8 when I came across this error message - Adobe Reader Updater Certificate failed to install. I clicked OK and my Adobe Updater attempted to update Adobe Reader again, and again and again.

Google revealed a few suggestions but none of them solved my problem.

I gave up on the software update in Adobe Reader and decided to download Adobe Reader and start over again. A clean install of the app seemed to work, for now.

I’ve never had a virus on any of the Macintosh computers I’ve owned over the last 20 years. After reading Protect Yourself from Adobe Acrobat and Reader Vulnerabilities, I’m wondering if I should just follow Rich Mogull’s advice:

Due to Adobe’s atrocious security record, I recommend that all Mac users not only immediately patch Adobe Reader and Acrobat, but make sure they set Apple’s Preview as their default PDF reader.

For now I’ll take my chances.

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