Don’t See Clash Of The Titans in 3D

If you value your hard-earned cash, don’t see Clash Of The Titans in 3D. Ain’t It Cool News published a less than flattering review of the film saying that the post-production 3D version of the film is terrible:

Above all, this stands as THE defining moment we watched 3-D actually destroy a film and stand testament to the terrible, terrible idea of adding it in post-production.

The 3D hack job on Clash Of The Titans is so bad that it becomes distracting rather than immersing the viewer in the film:

I know half a dozen critics who watched half of the film blurry rather than subject themselves to the torment of this bastardized hack job of a 3-D render; the rest of us suffered in silence, occasionally checking out the shot composition by lowering our glasses for a moment, repeatedly. How bad is it? See it in 2-D if at all possible. Do not, under any circumstances, watch the 3-D version of this film.

It sounds like the film is pretty average to begin with - another excuse to recycle and old film and showcase the latest special effects. Most of the kids in the theatre probably don’t have any idea that they are watching a remake like most of the films these days.

You’ve been warned. Don’t waste your money on the 3D version of this film. (Via Ryan).

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