Lower Your Rogers iPhone Bill

Last week somebody asked me how much my monthly iPhone bill was. I was surprised when I found out that I was paying an average of $75/month (CDN) to Rogers. I’m not a heavy cellphone and started looking at ways to lower my phone bill.

I purchased an iPhone 3G in Septermber 2008 with Rogers and chose this package:

  • 200 weekday minutes ($17.50)
  • Unlimited evenings/weekend minutes (free)
  • 6 GB data plan ($30.00)
  • Tethering access (free)
  • 911 emergency access fee ($0.75)
  • System access fee aka money grab ($6.95)

After taxes I’m paying $62/month for my iPhone service. Text messaging is not included in my monthly plan and I only use a fraction of my data plan.

Texting Can Be Expensive

On average, I send and receive about 70 text messages per month. This is where Rogers seems to make a lot of their money if you’re not on a texting plan. I’ve been paying $12-$15/month by texting without a plan.

In 2009, Canadians sent 35.3 billion text messages according to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. This is an increase of 70% over the previous year. At 15¢ a message that is $5.3 billion dollars!

Reduce Your Rogers Bill and Use a Text Messaging Plan

If you’re not on a text messaging plan with Rogers or any carrier, add one! I added the Messaging Bundle - 250 to my bill for $5/month. This plan gives me 250 sent text, picture and video messages per month and unlimited incoming text messages.

By simply going on a text messaging plan I lowered my Rogers phone bill by a minimum of $5 each month. During some months my savings will be as high as $10. It doesn’t sound like much until you consider that this is $60-$120 in savings over the course of a year. Would you rather keep that money in your pocket or give it away to Rogers?

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