Vancouver Will Outlaw Smoking In Public Parks and Beaches

A couple of years ago I was in a local humidor purchasing some cigars. Ontario had just passed a bylaw that required store owners to hide all tobacco products in an attempt to prevent minors from smoking. Ridiculous!

By law, customers are no longer allowed into some humidors to browse the selection of cigars. Never mind that I am 41 years old and of legal smoking age, I have to use my Amazing Kreskin memory to know exactly what cigar I want to purchase!

The clerk at my local humidor told me that the next thing the government will try to do is make it illegal to smoke in public parks. I scoffed at the idea. There is no way the government will make it illegal to smoke outside in a park. That is absurd!

Starting on September 1, 2010 it is likely that you won’t be able to smoke a cigar on a public beach or park in the city of Vancouver. The granola crunching quacks on the Vancouver parks board have decided that the dangers of second-hand smoke, even in an open space such as a park are dangerous.

I wonder how long Ontario has before it becomes illegal to enjoy a cigar on the boardwalk or a city park?

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